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    Foreign Exchange Rates. Rate Request. archives... Exchange Rate for 06 January, 2011 ... Note: Under the present system the open market exchange rates. quoted by different banks may differ.
  2. Nepal Rastra Bank  
    Foreign Exchange Rates. Rate Request. archives... Exchange Rate for 11 January, 2011 ... system the open market exchange rates. quoted by different banks may
  3. XE - Universal Currency Converter  
    Free currency converter lets you calculate currency and foreign exchange rates. Convert currencies, special units and precious $metals with this currency calculator
  4. INO.com Markets - Realtime Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Price ...  
    Food and Fiber. Grains and Oilseeds. Indexes. Interest Rates. Livestock and Meats. Metals ... our daily market analysis. Realtime Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Markets. All Futures. Open
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    Reference Exchange Rate Bulletin. 11 Jan 2011. 10-Jan-11. COUNTRY. UNIT. SYMBOL. EURO. U.S. ... Weighted average rate pursuant to Cirular Letter dated 30 July 1992 ** Various banks in
  6. Exchange rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
    In finance, the exchange rates (also known as the foreign-exchange rate, forex rate or FX rate) between two currencies specify how much one currency ... It is the value of a foreign nation's currency in terms of the home nation's currency.[1] For example an exchange rate of 91 Japanese yen (JPY, ¥) to
  7. Foreign exchange market: Definition from Answers.com  
    Foreign Exchange Market The market in which participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. Foreign exchange
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    World currency exchange rates and currency exchange rate history
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    Home > Business > Exchange Rate. News. Market Watch. Bursa Malaysia. My Portfolio. Exchange Rates. Unit Trusts ... Exchange Rate. Issued by Malayan Banking. SELLING. TT/OD. BUYING. TT. BUYING. OD. 1 US DOLLAR. 3.1020. 3.0370. 3.0270. 1
  11. OANDA  
    The currency site provides free exchange rates information, currency tools, and low-cost forex trading
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    Foreign Exchange Rates. Bangkok Bank > Personal Banking > Currency Exchange > Exchange ... Exchange Rates. Home | Locate Us | Site Map | Help | Contact Us. Personal Banking | Business Services | For Shareholders | About
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    Currency Converter from Yahoo! Finance. Find the latest currency exchange rates and convert all major world currencies with our currency converter
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    Foreign Exchange Rates. Government Bond Rates. Your Security First. How we protect you. How you protect yourself. Frauds and scams ... Bangkok Bank > Web Services > Bank Rates > Foreign Exchange Rates
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    Free foreign exchange rates and tools including a currency conversion calculator, historical rates and graphs, and a monthly exchange rate average
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    ExchangeRate.com provides daily currency exchange rates, graphs, photos, country information, and more for over 200 countries and currencies
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    Get free live currency rates, tools, and analysis using the most accurate data. Other services include XE Trade money transfers, XE Datafeed, and more! ... Use our FREE Currency Charts to see a currency's rate history or read breaking forex news about the foreign exchange market.
  18. ANZ Foreign Exchange Rates Page  
    Foreign Exchange Rates - Australia. string envt DBEnvProd. print. ANZ's foreign exchange rates for currency transactions up to and including the equivalent of AUD 100,000, (Foreign Currency Notes are not subject to this limit), current at Wednesday, 29 December 2010. How to buy foreign currency
  19. Foreign exchange market - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
    The modern foreign exchange market began forming during the 1970s when countries gradually switched to floating exchange rates from the previous exchange rate regime, which remained fixed as per the Bretton Woods system. The foreign exchange market is unique because of
  20. FRB: H.10 Release--Foreign Exchange Rates, Release Dates  
    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York also has issued notification that it will discontinue publication of these foreign exchange rates on its web site. The Federal Reserve Board will still make the certified exchange rates available. Effective